Feedback from Finland: The training fulfilled the expectations

SAMK piloted the NatureBizz training programme with 12 students from Livia College studying in the field of Nature and Environment.  Some participants had a business idea, some were already running their own business. The participants were involved in natural cosmetics, tourism and wellbeing services or local food products

The topics of the training days covered three modules: 1) Managing Green Business, 2) Understanding Green Consumers, and 3) Building the Green Brand. The training days included also guest speakers who were running innovative green enterprises.

After the training days feedback was collected from the participants. The feedback was very positive and the training days fulfilled their expectations.

The participants said that training provided ideas and perpectives for their entrepreneurship. They mentioned that they got new insights how to develop their entrepreneurship and business and assurance that they have chosen the right career. In addition, they stated that they now have a wider perspective related to green entrepreneurship and its fields as well as how to chase their dreams and employ themselves also outside their own business. They mentioned several times that the training was very inspirational and motivating as well as they received new energy to start their business. Furthermore, they commented that they received support in their business planning.

Jaana Ruoho SAMK 31.3.2020

Local, organic and responsible produced beverage, food, cosmetics, textiles and many other products are provided by green micro-entrepreneurs.