Business and wellness from green economy growth

Increasing business skills of green micro-entrepreneurs.  

Why NatureBizz?

Green movement and the demand for natural, healthy, and ecological products and services offer opportunities for green micro entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs need sector-specific business skills to develop local natural resources into sustainable green business. This project supports the growth and competitiveness of green micro businesses by providing a new curriculum and a joint training programme of green micro-entrepreneurship and development of micro size green business.

For whom?

Green micro entrepreneurs, business developers, and higher education institutions in the Central Baltic Area.


  • Identifying and aligning the relevant skillset in the Central Baltic Area
  • Developing the curriculum and the training programme
  • Providing the pilot training

Green entrepreneurship

In the project NatureBizz (1.3.2018- 31.10.2020), green entrepreneurship and green business are defined as development of sustainable, small-scale products and services based on local natural resources. They also contribute to human wellbeing. Green business sectors include for example nature-based wellbeing services, super/biofood, biocosmetics, eco-friendly handicraft, nature-based experiences.bumi