Module 6: Managing Supply Chains in Green Micro Business

The purpose of this module is to study the concept of supply chain management, learn to evaluate the core fundamentals and trends of logistics and to explore the relationship between domestic and foreign goods supply in a green micro enterprise.

Keywords: Supply chain management, fundamentals and trends of logistics, transportation decisions, relationship between domestic and foreign goods supply

Learning outcomes: Each participant will be able to understand the definition, complexity and key issues of supply chain management and the differences are between centralised vs. decentralised systems. They will understand the value of information and the concepts of supply chain integration, the Bullwhip effect, the push-based and pull based systems as well as the basics of transportation decisions and apply this knowledge in their business.

Tools: Analytic frameworks for supply chain management push and pull systems, BPMN2 (business process modelling notation 2) modelling tools: Aris Express, BPMN Studio,, Yaoqiang BPMN Editor

Assignment: To create a well-structured company supply chain process model in BPMN2 (business process modelling notation ver. 2) for few basic products (incl. services) provided by the company