Aligned skillset

The following business skills and knowledge of green entrepreneurs were identified in the project:


 value-added product development
 consumer communication
 supply chain management
 brand management
 digital marketing communication and sales
 financial management


 quality and sustainability for the green micro entrepreneur
 financial, legal and organizational management for the green micro entrepreneur
 marketing, value creation, offering design and development, and green branding
for the green micro entrepreneur
 production, supply chains, relationships and green networks for the green micro


 general knowledge, change of attitude, thinking
 company management, managerial skills
 product development
 marketing and
 exporting


 big picture about the environment, green economy and circular economy (also
developing a supply chain)
 important topics to cover are also sustainability in using natural resources, waste
 trends in customer behaviour and marketing, how to get to know the customer
 product development and specific natural material related topics, joint marketing activities

The summary of the Central Baltic Area skills can be downloaded in this link!