The NatureBizz handbook provides tools for micro entrepreneurs to succeed in green entrepreneurship and green business. Our definition of green business and green entrepreneurship is business and entrepreneurship related to business activities and business development of sustainable, small-scale products and services based on local natural resources.

To keep up a green business can be demanding. Succeeding in green entrepreneurship requires a high level of knowledge and several types of competences. Although many examples show that environmentally and socially sustainable businesses can be profitable, and a major group of green entrepreneurs are constantly struggling to create revenue.

This handbook includes eight different modules relevant to business planning and management. Each module presents a new theme in theory and in practice. Together the modules form the NatureBizz Toolbox.

NatureBizz Handbook

We made some videos to explain and help the adoption of the training programme, and the NatureBizz handbook.

1_Managing green micro-business, Jaana Ruoho, SAMK

2_Understanding green consumers, Jaana Ruoho, SAMK

3_Building a green brand, Anna Nyquist, Södertörn University

4_Steps towards sustainable quality, Karin Dahlström, Södertörn University

5_ Green product development and service design, Heli Tooman, UT Pärnu College

6_Managing supply chains in green micro-business, Ilze Grinfelde, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

7_Communication in customer journey , Marit Piirman, UT Pärnu College

8_Green entrepreneurs go international, Maira Lescevica, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences