Feedback from Estonia: “Your trainings are always so inspiring!”

University of Tartu Pärnu College piloted NatureBizz training program with 3 seminar days covering 6 modules from 8. 

It has been an interesting 3 months. Some of the participants were entrepreneurs, but some were either looking for an opportunity to leave a day job or thinking about starting their own green business. In addition to theory the idea was to show the participants how the green business actually works.

The places for the training days were carefully picked to inspire the participants and to add extra value to the training. The first day was organized in Mary Magdalena Guild (craftsmen guild with several small shops, studios and workshops), the second in Jaanihanso Cider House and the third in Kolme Karu Kaubamaja

During the training days, content of the modules were first presented and then each module was followed by a case study.

The feedback was very positive: the participants said that they received interesting information and were glad to listen to entrepreneurs sharing their real-life experiences. Few of them also asked if it would be possible to get private feedback or consultation for their ideas. One participant added that the course has given him a lot of courage and faith to take steps becoming greener. Another said that the trainings are always so inspiring. The trainers in project themselves shared this experience of becoming more and more inspired by the topic but also people working in the green nature business.

Marit Piirman University of Tartu Pärnu College 31.3.2020.

Pictures are from the training days in Estonia.