The Central Baltic area report summarizes the joint business skills for green micro-entrepreneurs

Green micro entrepreneurs who use natural resources have strong desire to inspire people: give them perspectives on how to create a sustainable lifestyle and enhance well-being in nature. However, they need more sector-spesific business skills to be able to develop their businesses sustainably.

“It is wonderful to see that green micro-entrepreneurs have already many skills related to sustainable usage of natural materials and they are producing very interesting natural products. On the other hand they could use additional skills how to develop their products further and make them more visible to their customers,” says Marit Piirman from Tartu University Pärnu College, who wrote the Central Baltic area report with her colleague Heli Tooman.

NatureBizz have published “The Central Baltic area report about business skills needed in green micro-entrepreneurship and business development.” The report summarizes the research results from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. The joint business skills in the area were aligned and modified into eight modules. The report

 Jaana Ruoho (SAMK) 26.11.2019