The new NatureBizz handbook is published

The NatureBizz handbook covers results of our project and is available for all who are interested in developing green micro-business.

In this project, we first aligned the needed skills to boost green micro-business in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. Secondly, we created a curriculum and training programme. Lastly, the training was piloted in all four countries between January and March 2020. The participants, green micro-entrepreneurs, valued the training and gave positive feedback for the trainers.

We collected all results of the project added with our own experiences in the NatureBizz handbook. The handbook is about developing and delivering a training programme to green mico-entrepreneurs. The eight modules of the training programme are explained in the hanbook illustrated with some cases.

Material and recorded lectures that were used in the training programme are saved on these webpages under “Training programme and Modules.”

Jaana Ruoho SAMK 11.5.2020