The training programme for green micro entrepreneurs is shaping up!

The main idea is that micro entrepreneurs develop their own green businesses during the training and they will work with practical assignments. Entrepreneurs will study in small local groups and enjoy peer-to-peer support.

Local group meeting are supported with self-study material like recorded lectures and online material. The material for the modules are prepared in English in the context of Central Baltic region but local group meetings and assignments are provided in local languages in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

The recruitment of the entrepreneurs for the training programme starts in the autumn and it is implemented from January 2020 till April 2020. Follow us in Facebook to get the latest news!

More information:

In the project meeting in Tallinn 5th and 6th March we discussed about the content of the business training programme for green micro entrepreneurs.

 Jaana Ruoho SAMK 6.3.2019